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It is our mission to deliver a responsive, high quality, corporate sustainable catering experience that feeds the appetite of local businesses and their guests. We are committed to providing this sustainably, for our people, our customers and our planet. When creating and reviewing our sustainability policy, we consider what matters most to our customers as well as industry trends, focusing on where we can have the biggest positive impact.

Renewable Packaging

As the largest corporate caterer in Milton Keynes, we understand the impact our packaging can have on the environment. The last thing we want is our local landfills scattered with plastic office lunch platters’ packaging branded with our logo. In 2019, we introduced a beautiful premium bamboo bowls and bamboo platter range. A renewal source, Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and does not require replanting. Thanks to its environmentally friendly nature, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen that it’s equivalent trees, and is organic as it requires no agricultural chemicals to grow, or pesticides to protect it. It’s also incredibly beautiful, and the perfect platter base for our Executive Menu. In 2021, we worked with our local packaging suppliers to source and test disposable packaging that doesn’t compromise the quality of our food. Therefore, we removed the black plastic bases from our range entirely. Our eco-boxes are biodegradable, perfect for your recycling or compost bin.

Reducing Food Waste

A third of all food produced globally is wasted every year. We’ve developed an IT infrastructure that helps us to accurately plan our supplier orders, to not only minimise food waste, but ensure we’re not holding ingredients longer than absolutely necessary, certainly brought in and sent out far before the best before date. Not only to reduce waste, but positively impact the quality of the meals we deliver in our sustainable catering.

Responsible Suppliers

We choose to work with suppliers that enable us to deliver unbeatable quality of food whilst understanding the importance of preserving our amazing planet. In addition, We operate a British-first policy, offering British and regional products when possible and in season, and shop locally wherever possible. These are not empty words, but a tangible commitment to strive for sustainability. All our fresh produce comes from Milton Keynes, and we source as much free-range and organic ingredients as possible too. We work closely with suppliers to maintain excellent standards.
Some of our local suppliers include:

Our Food Choices

One of the simplest ways you can reduce your personal footprint, is by choosing a plant-based diet. Consumer demand for plant-based meals and office lunch platters continues to rise and we continue to review and rotate our special dietary menus that include plant-based options, alongside our gluten free and diary free choices. Why not explore our Menus here:

Our Vans

In addition, we’ve invested in a super intuitive ordering system that schedules our delivery routes as efficiently as possible. To ensure our delivery journeys are kept to a minimum, reducing the amount of fuel being consumed by our vehicles. Our new fully compostable eco-boxes can be recycled too, so unless you’ve ordered hot food or bamboo packaging, we don’t need to return the next working day to collect anymore. Instead, we’ll return when we’re passing later in the week, or Friday at the latest.

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